HEB 32(4) Special Issue: Why Direct Observation?

Published December 28, 2017,
DOI: https://doi.org/10.22330/heb/324

Letter from the Editorial Board

This special edition of HEB presents papers by contributors to the Direct Observation workshop that formed part of the ISHE Summer School held in Boise, Idaho, USA 4th – 6th June 2017. I am grateful to Dr John Richer for acting as Editor for this special edition and he provides the editorial. As Editor-in-Chief I would like to formally thank John for these important contributions, and to wish all members of ISHE and readers of HEB a happy 2018.

Colin Hendrie, December 2017

John Richer


Theoretical Reviews


Direct Observation of Human Behaviour: What It Is and Why It Must Be Done
John Richer, Collin Hendrie, Elisabeth Oberzaucher, Maryanne Fisher & Nancy Segal


Direct Observation: Impediments And Approaches
John Richer


Developing Skills
Colin Hendrie


Why We Do It The Hard Way: Observational Studies Tell A Different Story From Questionnaires
Elisabeth Oberzaucher


Where To Start With Ethology Research: A Student-Centered Primer With Examples
Maryanne Fisher


Ethological Studies Using Twins: Doing What Comes Naturally
Nancy Segal


ISSN: 2224-4476