Pathways to Consensual Popularity and Mating Opportunities in Ontogenetic Perspective

Research Article

Eddy H. de Bruyn & Glenn E. Weisfeld

Human Ethology Bulletin, Volume 32, No 3, 47-62,  published September 30, 2017

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In this paper, we investigated different behavioral patterns for achieving consensual popularity exhibited by antisocial and prosocial types of individuals. These patterns were investigated from pre-adolescence through late adolescence, and for both genders. Results revealed that Populistic (antisocial) individuals were high in bullying and low in academics; Social-populars (prosocial) showed the opposite pattern. Both types were higher in physical attractiveness and fashionability than unpopular individuals, who were the most likely to be bullied. Substance abuse was high in both popular types. Both populistic and social-popular boys and girls were far more likely to be dating than unpopular boys and girls.


KeywordsPopularity, social dominance, mating opportunities, reproductive success, ontogeny, aggression, attractiveness, bullying, victimization, human ethology, alcohol, late childhood, adolescence


ISSN: 2224-4476