Multiscale Analysis of Masculinity – An Exploratory Study

Research Article

Luca Kozma & Ferenc Kocsor

Human Ethology Bulletin, Volume 32, No 2, 5-13,  published June 30, 2017

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In the present study we investigated the connection between male dominance and masculinity. We used questionnaires to discover how self-rated dominance, identification with masculinity ideologies, aggression, and attitudes towards women, are related. Our analyses revealed that the two different gender role questionnaires we used (Bem’s Sex Role Inventory, Multicultural Masculine Ideology Scale) may focus on different aspects of masculinity, which was also reflected in their different relations to other variables – aggression, dominance, and sexism. We briefly review the main concepts related to gender roles, and discuss the results of the analyses within the frames of Social Role Theory.

KeywordsGender role, aggression, dominance, masculinity.



ISSN: 2224-4476