HEB 32(1) – Proceedings of the XXIII ISHE Congress in Stirling, Scotland

Published March 31, 2017,
DOI: https://doi.org/10.22330/heb/321


Letter from the Editorial Board

A Highland Fling to Remember: A Short Report on the XXIII Biennial Congress on Human Ethology in Stirling, Scotland
Caroline Allen


Theoretical Reviews

A Theoretical Proposal for Examining the Integration of Cooperative and Competitive Mothering Behavior
Maryanne L. Fisher, Rebecca Burch & Rosemarie I. Sokol-Chang


Research Articles

Understanding Variation in Reactions to Displays of Allegiance
Daniel J. Kruger, Michele Day, Ailiya Duan, Anna Heyblom, Dora Juhasz, Stephanie Misevich, Camile Phaneuf, Claire Saunders, Peter Sonnega & Vibra Sreenivasa

Female Gaze Bahaviour, Status and the Menstrual Cycle: An Exploratory Study
Martin A. Sharp & Geordan E. Hamilton


Brief Reports

Mutual Olfactory Recognition Between Mother And Child
S. Craig Roberts & Faize Eryaman

Baseline Probabilities for Two-Alternative Forced Choice Tasks When Judging Stimuli in Evolutionary Psychology: A Methodological Note
Thomas Pollet & Anthony Little

ISSN: 2224-4476