The International Society for Human Ethology has officially established a fund to maintain the Linda Mealey Award for Young Investigators in perpetuity. The Society wished to honor Linda, a past president and chief book review editor, for her tireless work for the Society, her outstanding scholarship, and her devoted mentoring of students. The Society seeded the fund with $40,000 and Linda’s father, George Mealey, matched that amount. The award will go to outstanding researchers at the graduate school level in Linda’s field, human ethology.

In the past, the equivalent award, the Young Investigator Award, went to one or more young researchers at each biennial congress, who received a nominal sum. With the new, well-endowed fund, ISHE will be able to provide appreciable funds for winners. Fund earnings over the two year period between conventions should cover most of the recipients’ travel expenses to the subsequent congress, and an additional cash award may also be possible. To make the award even more substantial and thereby further encourage and reward researchers in human ethology, ISHE is hereby soliciting additional contributions to the fund. Mr. Mealey has kindly offered to match additional contributions by individuals, dollar for dollar, up to $10,000. Donations should be sent to our treasurer, Dori LeCroy.

The Owen Aldis Scholarship is for doctoral students. For more information go to the respective section on this website.