Current Issue

Vol 32, No 3 (2017)

Published September 30, 2017

Letter from the Editorial Board

Colin Hendrie


Theoretical Review

“Y/Our Vocal Sounds – Towards an Ethological Classification of Human Vocalizing Behavior and Sounds
Jay R. Feierman 


Research Articles

Using Personal Genome Technology and Psychometrics to Study the Personality of Neanderthals
Glenn Geher, Richard Holler, David Chapleau, Jessica Fell, Bernadine Gangemi, Morgan, Gleason, Vania Rolon, Andrew Shimkus & Briana Tauber


Pathways to Consensual Popularity and Mating Opportunities in Ontogenetic Perspective
Eddy H. de Bruyn and Glenn E. Weisfeld


Sex Drugs and Rock and Roll: Evidence Supporting the Storied Trilogy
Marissa A. Harrison & Susan M. Hughes


Youth Injuries as a Function of Sex, Life History, and Neighborhood Safety
Laura Johnson, Daniel J. Kurger, Glenn Geher, Rebecca Shaiber, Justin Garcia and Aron Wiegand


Sex and the Perceived Effectiveness of Short-term Mate Poaching Acts in College Students
James Moran & T. Joel Wade


Preliminary Evidence for Existence of Oral Sex in a Rural Igbo Community in Southeast Nigeria
Pavol Prokop, Ike E. Onyishi, Chiedozie O. Okafor & Michael N. Pham


Book Reviews

Ourselves Explained
William C. McGrew



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