Current Issue

Vol 32, No 1 (2017)

Published March 31, 2017,

Letter from the Editorial Board

A Highland Fling to Remember: A Short Report on the XXIII Biennial Congress on Human Ethology in Stirling, Scotland
Caroline Allen

Theoretical Reviews

A Theoretical for Examining the Integration of Cooperative and Competitive Mothering Behavior
Maryanne L. Fisher

Research Articles

Understanding Variation in Reactions to Displays of Allegiance
Daniel J. Kruger, Michele Day, Ailiya Duan, Anna Heyblom, Dora Juhasz, Stephanie Misevich, Camile Phaneuf, Claire Saunders, Peter Sonnega & Vibra Sreenivasa

Female Gaze Bahaviour, Status and the Menstrual Cycle: An Exploratory Study
Martin A. Sharp & Geordan E. Hamilton

Brief Reports

Mutual Olfactory Recognition Between Mother And Child
S. Craig Roberts & Faize Eryaman

Baseline Probabilities for Two-Alternative Forced Choice Tasks When Judging Stimuli in Evolutionary Psychology: A Methodological Note
Thomas Pollet & Anthony Little

ISSN: 2224-4476