Vol 29, No 1 (2014)

Letter from the Editor

Which of Your Favorite Hypotheses Did You Dispose Of Today?
Elisabeth Oberzaucher

Research Articles

The effects of age-mixing on peer cooperation and competition
Chao Liu & Peter LaFreniere

Attractiveness and Spousal Infidelity as Predictors of Infidelity in Couples from Five Cultures
Nicole T. Nowak, Glenn E. Weisfeld, Olcay Imamoğlu, Carol C. Weisfeld, Marina Butovskaya & Jiliang Shen

Theoretical Reviews

Human Social Behavioral Systems: A Unified Theory
Liane J. Leedom

Book Reviews

Human Sexual Behavior: Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going
Lora E. Adair

A Look Inside Human Reproductive Activity: An Incomplete View
Nicholas Armenti

Women at the “Sight” of Evolution
Ana Maria Fernandez

In Praise of Polygamy
William C. McGrew


Vol 29, No 2 (2014)
Proceedings of the IV ISHE Summer Institute in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Letter from the Editorial Board

The IV ISHE Summer Institute at Ann Arbor, Michigan
Daniel J. Kruger

Theoretical Reviews

The Behavioral Ecology of Resource Consumption: Why Being Green is So Hard
Bobbi S. Low

“Disordered” Behaviour. Alternatives to DSM-5 from an Ethological Perspective
John Richer

Research Articles

The Costs of Union Leadership
John Hendrix Hinshaw

Sex Differences in the Topics of Bathroom Graffiti
Maryanne Fisher & Sarah Radtke

Ostracizing Group Members Who Can (Or Cannot) Control Being Burdensome
Eric D. Wesselmann, Kipling D. Williams & James H. Wirth


Vol 29, No 3 (2014)

Letter from the Editorial Board

Future Perspectives of the Human Ethology Bulletin and ISHE News
Elisabeth Oberzaucher

Theoretical Reviews

Oral Contraception and Romantic Relationships – From the Lab to the Real World
S. Craig Roberts, Kelly D. Kobey, Katerina Klapilova & Jan Havlicek

Brief Reports

Using the Prisoner’s Dilemma Task to Examine the Cooperative and Social Effectiveness Hypotheses of the General Factor of Personality
Curt S. Dunkel, Lauren A. Summerville, Eugene W. Mathes, Sean N. Kesserling, Seth D. Yockey, Simon D. Reeve & Jacob M. Stolmeier

Book Reviews

The Gap: The Science of What Separates Us from Other Animals
Peter LaFreniere

Historical Ethology, or can we learn from non-WEIRD Societies
William C. McGrew

A Critique of Paul Seabright’s The War of the Sexes
Laura L. Robertson

Social Learning and the Long Journey to Culture
Christoph Weinlinger & Anna Ensberger


Vol 29, No 4 (2014)

Letter from the Editorial Board

What is the Worth of a Publication?
Elisabeth Oberzaucher

Research Articles

You Can Look But You Cannot Touch: Male Behaviors Observed in Lingerie Stores
Kimberley R. Moule & Maryanne Fisher

Brief Reports

Winner and Loser Effects in Major League Baseball Double Headers
Andrew C. Gallup & Omar Tonsi Eldakar

Book Review

Credit Where Credit Is Due
Colin A. Hendrie

The ‘Animal’ Within: A Review of The Rational Animal
Laura L. Johnsen

Is Casanova Dead?
Alexandra Mühlhauser

The Human Evolution and the Nature of Societies
Marco Antonio Correa Varella

From Insects To Naked Mole Rats To God: An Adaptationist’s View Of Human Social Evolution
Michel T. Waller


ISSN: 2224-4476